Cloud Infrastructure


EGLA COMMUNICATIONS owns and operates its own media streaming and storage cloud in Tier-1 Data centers around the planet. Our main cloud is located in several cities in the United States and Canada. Our main office Boca Raton FL is a major hub for data storage, testing facility, and backup.

EGLA uses EQUINIX in Boca Raton, MI3 as well as other locations. We currently have 10Gb/s internet pipes and several redundant links to other 10317774_10152489205158498_4464875475321965890_oproviders that include TW Telecom, Fiber Light and other. EGLA is also an Amazon Partner and is part of the Amazon Partner network (Direct Connect)




We also designed and created our own cloud for MEDIAMPLIFY supporting:

  • Mediamplify Music
  • Mediamplify Video


 Cloud-based Media Streaming