Our Expertise

EGLA COMMUNICATIONS is committed to develop innovative products in the areas of Telecommunications, IPTV,  and Mobile Platforms. We are experts in  infrastructure and cloud-based computing with over 20 yrs of experience managing network infrastructure and complex computing systems.

Server-based Technologies:

  • Cloud -based computing
  • Cloud-based Encoding,
  • Cloud Storage
  • Virtualization technologies
  • Web applications and HTML 5
  • Content-delivery networks
  • Learning Management Systems
  • High-reliable databases

Wireless and Mobile

  • 3G/4G Signaling and management
  • RF and wireless handset software expertise


  • HTTP Live Streaming (AppleTV, iPhone/iPAD, Android, Roku, Boxee)
  • Flash RTMP, delivery of multiple media formats (AAC, MP3)
  • Format conversion and MPEG2 Transport Stream expertise
  • MSO and Cable Headend expertise

Software expertise dates from 1989 and includes wide expertise in:

  • Operating Systems
    • Linux
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Cisco IOS
    • Mobile: Legacy: J2ME/Blackberry, Windows Mobile)
  • Embedded Devices:  Microchip controller, ARM-based devices, PC-104
Telecommunications and IPTV
  • IPTV: Headend systems and equipment for MPEG2, MPEG4, multicasting, H.264
  • Telecommunications: GSM/GPRS/3G/4G, IP-based mobility
  • Multimedia middle-wares
  • Fiber optic communications and switching
  • MPLS and LAN/WAN networking