Our Philosophy


We are passionate about technology, cloud computing, software engineering and innovation. We focus on creativity and customer service.

innovate,  create, and optimize.

Our Mission

Innovate:   Our intellectual property portfolio of patents, copyrights and trademarks keeps on growing  
Create:   We always solve problems in new ways, we create software alternatives, and disruptive technologies in the fields we work on 
Optimize:   Optimization and wise use of resources is always a moto in our vision, we work to make our technology efficient and high performance  



EGLA COMMUNICATIONS excels in media delivery platforms from any media content to all devices, and owns a high-performance backbone network and cloud. Mediamplify is a cloud-based Software and Infrastructure as a Service that enables content providers to reach out consumers in all devices. Our platform amplifies your reach to IPTV Systems, Cable and Telecommunications Operators.


  • Innovate in media delivery for OTT and Cable/Satellite
  • Create new distribution platforms of media
  • Optimize encoding and cloud resources