Telephony Service Level Agreement

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Service Level Agreement



EGLA Communications understands that your business telecommunications services must be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. As your trusted provider, we put our commitment to providing excellent service in the form of a Service Level Guarantee (SLA) which includes commitments in the following three key areas:

Service Quality

All service installations will be delivered within the timeframe established at order.

All new installations will be assigned a dedicated service representative to act as liaison through the provisioning process.

All network maintenance will occur at regularly scheduled off peak hours (Friday and Sunday at 12:01am to 3:01am PST, subject to change with 72 hour notification), and all affected customers will be notified via email no less than 72 hours in advance of the planned maintenance.

Customer Care Quality

All customers will have a dedicated account team to deal with sales and billing issues.

All E-mail inquiries to Sales, Customer Service, or Technical Support departments will be returned no later than the end of the next business day.

Telephone calls will be regularly monitored to maintain standards of courtesy and professionalism.

Network Quality

EGLA Communications is committed to maintaining the highest quality service. Each and every element of our network is monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year for measured quality levels. If these levels fall below minimum specified performance specifications, corrective action is taken immediately to bring performance back to these levels.


Network quality will be measured in two ways: service availability and service response time.

Service Level Guarantee Terms

In the event a Client experiences a service outage on a EGLA Communications provided service for any period of time exceeding 40 contiguous minutes (see table below), and is unable to transmit and receive information from the EGLA Communications network, and Client notifies EGLA Communications immediately of such event, and EGLA Communications determines that such inability was caused by EGLA Communications failure to provide said services for reasons within EGLA Communications reasonable control, and not as a result of any actions or inactions of Client or any third parties, or suppliers (including failure of third party equipment), and such inability is not a result of standard scheduled maintenance of EGLA Communications equipment or services, EGLA Communications will, upon Client’s written request, credit Client’s account the related charges (see table below). Client credit shall not exceed 50% of one month’s service fees in any single calendar month, and shall be only available as a credit to the Clients account.

Amount of Service Credit for Network Unavailability

Duration of Network Unavailability*                                                                 

Credit Eligibility

  • Greater than 40 minutes but less than 8 hours in a calendar month      1 Day Service
  • Credit Greater than 8 hours but less than 24 hours in a calendar month        5 Days
  • Service Credit Greater than 24 hours in a calendar month            10 Days Service Credit

* based on one contiguous period of time