Mediamplify Platform

Mediamplify194x28Mediamplify Cloud-based Platform

  Mediamplify is a licensable platform with several cloud instances that account as the Mediamplify System each instance is desgined to work for AWS, Citrix and VMWARE, you my also use Openstack or other orchestration tools

mediamplify iptv

mediamplify selection stationsFront-end Instance

Each instance provides a web interface using HTML5/Javascript modern  responsive texts, adaptable for any device. The content is optimized for Chromecast, iOS, Android, and many other STBs. There is API information to the mobile devices to display widget as desired. . Load balancing can also be configured with the Front-end instance to use a cloud and adapt according to usser’s load.

Metadata Audio Instance

The Mediamplify platform handles several sources of metadata and information, specially the Mediamplify API to generate user interfaces, and API metadata.

Autogenerated Content

Each instance in the cloud can generate and observe the metadata and convert that metadata into meaningful beautiful websites that include pictures form the artists, video, tweets, and may other content generate from the site.

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Mobile Support

The mobile system support will support iOS and Android tables.  The native and web-based applications support iOS and Android devices and its derivative devices. 1016099_513745245341593_935389864_n-1 07


Ad Server System

This instance injects audio and video ads to the cloud, as well as the websites can generate using via javascript local ads as well as 3rd party ad network ads.

Authentication and Billing

This instance can handle authentication per stream and integrates to billing systems using PayPal and other paywall systems.

 Analytics and Statistics

Statistical data is captured and displayed to the user, this is customizable or can also be just integrated to Google Analytics.

White Papers

Download White Paper Articulo en Español EGLA Intellectual Property

Patents and Intellectual Property

This is a patent-pending technology and in some cases software code will be licensable under NDA and access to the main github will be available for developer licenses organizations. Mediamplify was invented by Dr. Edwin Hernandez has not yet been licensed but has been successfully tested.


Dr. Edwin A Hernandez – Founder of EGLA COMMUNICATIONS

Licensing Options 

You can license the specification, the software code both in the cloud and in the appliance, and many other options.   For licensing options please come to