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mediaplug captureThe mediaplug is a patent-pending technology that connects our cloud or a cloud we can support with a cable headend system at a cable operator.   The Mediaplug applicant can generate TV signals for a cable headend and distribute content to all set top boxes and subscribers in that particular area.

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The mediaplug is designed with fault-tolerance, security, and exceeding the readability of many high-performance cable systems in the world.. Media plugs provide a full integration with your cloud for music and video delivery in all platform.. The music can playback in up to 50 SD stations, 20 SD TV stations, and 10 5-8 HD TV Stations all generated from our hardware devices and our software images.

Music Streaming

The hardware and software has been tested with the following music streaming clouds:

Mediamplify Music ColorSpotify_logo_vertical_white386px-SHOUTcast_logoMood-Media-logosoundcloud_logo-550Last-fm-logo


and working on the following streaming platforms.





mediaplug tv outputTV/Video Streaming

We are working on different content providers including latin american TV statins and video movie providers.


Cable Platformsmediamplify mediaplug

cable operatros

EGLA has successfully tested this technology and platforms with several cable operators, the improvements done to the platform has been substantial and we have been able to include major fault-tolerant features, integration with the Mediamplify Platform.  EGLA provided support to MOOD MEDIA/DMX during the acquisition of DMX Media by STINGRAY Digital for $16M in 2014.  During this praetorship, EGLA was able to  successfully provide support and test for the following vendors:

  • Cisco
  • Motorola – Arris
  • Ericsson
  • Generic MPEG multiplexers

White Papers

Download White Paper Articulo en Español EGLA Intellectual Property

Patent and Intellectual Property

This technology is still patent pending and was invented by Dr. Edwin Hernandez has not yet been licensed but has been successfully tested.


Dr. Edwin A Hernandez – Founder of EGLA COMMUNICATIONS

Licensing Options 

You can license the specification, the software code both in the cloud and in the appliance, and many other options.   For licensing options please come to