Cloud Platform

Networking and Data Centers

EGLA COMMUNICATIONS operates at EQUINIX data centers specially from Boca Raton, MI3.

  • Our platform counts with hundreds of instances to run,
  • Muti-TB data storage in the cloud,
  • Fiber-based networking


Our office is powered by our fiber to 1Gbps with single mode fiber links.


We have 10Gb/s internet pipes and several redundant links to other providers that include TW Telecom, Fiber Light and other. EGLA is also an Amazon Partner and is part of the Amazon Partner network (Direct Connect).

Communications and networking, we are connected to a nationwide network of telecommunications services (Tier-1):


Our cloud-based platform includes, software for virtualization, open source management of the cloud, linux-based technologies, and filesystems:


Other software and technology partners:

  • Citrix
  • Apple
  • Microsoft Licensing Partners
  • Samsung
  • Google Android Development

EGLA COMMUNICATIONS develops its own tools and software for the cloud, including APIs, migration tools, management, and billing systems.





EQUINIX Data Center