MEDIAMPLIFY provides content a cloud-based platform that merges cloud and cable TV simplifying video and music distribution effectively amplifying your reach.

Mediamplify is a pioneering cloud for cable TV platform.

Our cloud platforms support music and video content in many media formats.  Mediamplify provides you with a 3rd party API (Application Programming Interface) that allows you to create a rich user  experience using HTML5 technologies, including the creation of what in the industry is known as “Interactive Music” playlist creation (e.g. Pandora™), as well as the delivery of audio and media contents to Cable Operators, Web browsers, and Mobile Termials. Our platform is capable of handling thousands of users and thousands of songs as well as Rich metadata experience for end users. Mediamplify Platform

The MEDIAMPLIFY Platform includes a set of software middleware and intellectual property assets that enable (1) Content owners to broadcast to all platforms and devices including Cable/Satellite systems (2) Applications and software customizable to match content needs (3) Platform that enables billing, authentication, and transcoding operations of video and autio (4) Mediamplify Music Platform a full-fletched Pandora experience for Mobile, Web, and Cable TV systems Mediamplify simplifies multimedia distribution.

Currently, DMX2GO ( and SKY TUNES are powered by our platform as well as other customers including Radio Stations, music bands, and Music TV Networks. The Mediamplify supports audio in multiple formats from MP3, AAC, MP2, and others, as well as video in H.264, MPEG, and can generate outputs for PC and MAC, including HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). Other successful stories: Successful stories

Mediamplify — Amplify your reach