Mediamplify Music Platform

Mediamplify-MusicMediamplify Music Platform
Music for Cable TV Systems and DTH

Our Music Delivery Experience

musicWe have been able to successfully deliver music content to several carriers in the US and Latin America,  providing audio delivery services in both video screens on set top boxes, web, mobile, and much more.  Our MEDIA PLUG can generate music channels for cable operators, as well as interface with MEDIAMPLIFY PLATFORM to enable all other outlets including OTT, IPTV, Mobile, and Web.

Mediamplify Music Platform

As an example, SKY TUNES from SKY BRASIL a product powered by DMX2GO




Some of our clients included AXTEL TV, CABLEVISION MEXICO, CABLEMAS, and many others as such we customized a user experience for their audience in Mexico City and their cable coverage.
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Screenshots of current projects