Mediamplify – Advantages

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Core Solution – Cloud based media distribution platform that optimizes the consumer experience and injects efficiencies for operators while merging mobile, web, and cable

 Disruptive –Accelerates music media content availability for consumers in currently underserved emerging markets while enhancing the consumer experience.  Allows for low barrier of entry for new artists. Eliminates the need for satellite delivery to content distributors. It disrupts music distribution while bringing efficiencies to managing & controlling distribution


 Revenue Considerations – Open platform. Licensable applications. Media distribution. Own several patents. Present in several  countries. Acquired Performance Licenses in 7 countries such as USA and Brazil.



Mediamplify® is a multimedia platform permitting the creation of TV and Radio Channels while monetizing them in multiple ways.  Mediamplify® also enables any music content provider to recreate a Pandora-like experience for music using our scalable cloud-based system. It also allows subscription-based accounts to be monetized from users, and provides format compatibility to all platforms in a one-stop shop. Mediamplify® supports Live or pre-recorded content

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